Fritz Schneider

Passionate Pop-Art Artist

my Background

Born in Germany, grown up in Dornbirn, Austria. My whole life I worked in the communiation and advertising business – close to graphics and great copywriting. Now it is great pleasure to transfer my emotions and feeling on canvas. For me and for you.

my Influences

They all had great impact to me – and they all inspire me day by day: the Roy Lichtensteins and Andy Warhols and also good old Mickey Mouse. That's why most of my pictures are big, colourful and most of the times a tiny little bit ironic – with the major message: more fun in life, more optimism, more colour in all these grey days.

my View

My pictures should be striking and liking, they should bring more colour into this, into our little worlds.Our social and political life is simply great not to say phantastic – most of the times. And if not I will paint about. About social injustice, about the way we treat nature and animals – and about life in general. With my kind of humor and irony, with a tiny bit of sarcasm and ambiguity. With a lot of colour and all the time colourful.  

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